This Sample is a beautiful, perfectly preserved, juvenile praying Mantid in a raptorial attitude, with its spiny forelegs ready to capture a prey.
The body is thin and elongate, the antennae and the hind legs are very long, the head is triangular with very large compound eyes.
The name Mantid, which means “diviner”, was given to this insect by the ancient Greeks because they believed that it had supernatural powers.
Excavated in the La Bucara amber Mine (Autumn 2015).


Material: Natural Amber

Origin: Dominican Republic
Geological age:
Lower Oligocene – Lower Miocene (ca. 30-20 Mya)
Size: 43 x 39 x 8 mm
Weight: 12 g
Biological fossil inclusion: Praying Mantid, juvenile (Mantodea, Mantidae).
Length of fossil inclusion: 8,5 mm.