During the course of each year, numerous small, immature Termites from established colonies transform into larger nymphs with wing buds. Some time later, these individuals further transform into sexually mature males and females called swarmers or alates. Swarmers have two pairs of long narrow wings of equal size. Unlike other Termites in the colony, swarmers are dark-colored, and almost black in some species. This swarm was captured about 20-15 million years ago in an amber gemstone excavated in Km 20 – El Valle Mine (Summer 2014).


Material: Natural Amber

Origin: Dominican Republic
Geological age:
Lower Miocene – Middle Miocene (ca. 20-15 Mya)
Size: 30,7 x 24,5 x 8,4 mm
Weight: 3,2 g
Biological fossil inclusions:
Swarm of winged Termites (Isoptera).